What You Need To Know Before Living Together

Every relationship goes through phases and develops naturally. From a casual date, a relationship can progress into a more serious and lasting relationship. Although for many couples, one of the biggest turning points in their relationships is getting married, there are a lot of couples who prefer to live together before tying the knot.

However, just like for those who are planning to get married, a lot of thought and consideration should go into a couple’s decision to live together. If you are one of those couples who are thinking of living together, below are some of the things that you need to know.

  • Budget concerns.  Living together with someone means sharing space and a lot of resources with another person. This translates to increased consumption and expenses. Who will shoulder the additional costs then? Will the expenses be shared equally? Although some expenses will increase because of increased consumption, it should not be a burden if you will share in the payment of the expenses.


  • Privacy.  Everyone needs some personal space. The problem is that boundary that defines your personal space often blurs when you’re living together with someone. If you are not ready for this kind of encroachment into your privacy and personal space, then you are probably not ready to live together. No amount of pheromones for men will make you ignore your partner’s habits and personal hygiene so make sure you are ready to face such things before moving in together.


  • Change in relationship. Living together will signal the start of a different level in your relationship. This level foregoes whatever front you may have put up while you were still just dating. Whatever advantage pheromones provided for you at the start will definitely taper off. Sex will not be as frequent as you would expect it to be especially because you will have a lot more time together and you will see each other in your most unsexy times.
  • Chores. Unless you have a maid, there will only be two people who will do the chores and you will have to talk about how to divide these between the two of you, preferably before you move in together.


  • Future plans. It is best to discuss your options and possible future plans before moving in together. Do you see this setup of living together as something that is temporary in preparation for the possibility of marriage? Or do you both see it as something that is permanent?

future plans

How To Get Through Infidelity In A Relationship

Infidelity is a problem that often comes up in many relationships. Unfortunately, it is a very challenging issue in any relationship and it can make even the strongest relationships end. Having your partner cheat on you will bring about feelings of betrayal, anger, and even guilt. Various reasons such as temptation, human pheromones, feelings of inadequacy, and unmet needs, among other things, are often given as factors that could lead to infidelity.

No matter what reason is given, remember that there is no acceptable reason for your partner to be unfaithful. However, infidelity does not necessarily mean that a relationship has to end. Some couples can get through infidelity in a relationship with some hard work and persistence. Below are some tips on how you can help your relationship survive if one partner has been unfaithful.

  • Stop the affair. No matter what reason may be given for the infidelity, the first thing to do to save the relationship is to end the affair. Unless this happens, there will be very little chance for the relationship to survive.
  • Discuss openly. There will be a lot of bad feelings that will also be exposed but it is important to discuss what happened openly. Talk to each other about what happened and how it made you feel. Try not to point fingers and start blaming each other. For some couples, this is done in a more peaceful and productive manner in the presence of a therapist or counselor.
  • Take responsibility for your faults. It is important to realize that when one person has been unfaithful, the fault lies not just in that person. Fault is often shared although it may not be equally. It does not matter who is more at fault. What’s important is that you both recognize your own faults in what and why it happened.
  • Make a firm decision to move forward. Both of you should be firm in your decision to move forward. This is easier said than done because there will be a lot of times when all the negative thoughts and feelings associated with what happened will come back. It will take some time before any of you starts wearing pheromone cologne for each other but with a conscious and firm decision to continue moving forward and working on the relationship, that time will come.
  • Have a plan. Together with your decision to move forward, both of you should have a plan. How do you make sure that it doesn’t happen again? How do you address the issues or reasons for the infidelity? Best of all, give yourself time to heal and recognize that things will not be back to how it was that quickly.

Relationship Tips For Women: Top Ten (10) Mistakes To Avoid As A Girlfriend

Love can bring the extremes in a person. It can take you to the highest peak if you’re happy yet lead you to the lowest point imaginable if you’re sad. Because of this, like any normal being, everyone makes mistakes and we, women, are not an exception.loveHere are the top ten (10) cardinal DONT’s every good girlfriend should avoid so as not to scare your guy away and make him running to another woman’s arms.

1.       Don’t be a vine. What are the characteristics of a vine? They are naturally green and clingy. For a girl in love, it’s understandable to want to see your boyfriend each chance you get, hear his voice, smell his cologne, or watch him laugh. Love can do that. However, it’s no longer healthy if you lose your own self and become merely his shadow, wanting to know consistently where he is, what’s he’s doing and who he is with. Get a life! Give him privacy and respect his space.
2.       Don’t play Rapunzel… daily. There’s a big difference between a damsel in distress and a pain in a butt. It’s a totally different thing to be helpless and to be desperate. Do not be a crazed needy individual. If your act is to be a Rapunzel who wants to be rescued every lil time, even the most patient, persistent prince would get tired climbing that sky-scraping tower if he has to do it time and time again. Worse, he might even tie up your thick long hair to the tree branch so you’d stop pestering him like a kid. Let him need you for a change.
3.       Don’t be a soap opera queen. If you’re aiming for Oscar’s or Emmy’s and testing how effective your tears are with your partner, you better think again. Drama won’t get you anywhere. It might have its effect the first few times, but it won’t last long if you make it a habit and become a cry-baby. He would want someone who’s emotionally mature and not an emotional wreck.

4.        Don’t be aqua-phobic or cringe at the sight of a comb. Hygiene is important so throw away your fear of water and take a bath everyday. Do not be unhygienic and unappealing. Look for ways to improve your appearance and femininity. Wow him! Wear your hair down or lift it up to have a tantalizing glimpse of your incredibly smooth neck. Let your human pheromones take over and seduce him with your looks, clothes and scent. Nothing is more exciting than a lady who knows how to get her man with just one glance.
5.       Don’t be a 24/7 helpdesk agent. It’s all about keeping the spice and allowing him to chase you and you being not so easy to get. There’s nothing wrong being a helpdesk or for being there when he needs you. But then again, learn how to moderate it else you’d end up being his house-help and taken for granted.
6.       Don’t be a female version of Magneto. If you’re an XMEN fan, you’d recognize right away that Magneto controls magnetic fields and can manipulate any electromagnetic energy. In this case, avoid being a control freak. Men hates to be controlled, most of all, by women. Don’t be a pushover. We have our own power and if we use it wisely and timely in a non-manipulative way, we can keep our guys satisfied and get what we want at the same time. Give him the upper hand. On the other hand, ensure that he also realizes that you can always turn the table around if you really want to.
7.       Don’t be blinded with the “I” letter, there’s also a “U” in the alphabet. Being self-centered will do you no good. Love is a give and take partnership. No matter how high the attraction level is and how strong the pheromones do their work, if you’re too self-absorbed who continuously say “I, I, I” and doesn’t know how to listen, you’d be bound to have a disastrous relationship at one time or another. Educate yourself with the word “compromise”.
8.       Don’t be a fortune teller. Never make him feel like you are all knowing and can predict what’s going to happen in the future. They are generally on their guards when it comes to “lifetime commitment”. So, if you have been together for a few months, talking about bells and linens and little bundles of joy at this early stage would surely make him a runner vying for an Olympics gold medal, where the medal is placed in the farthest corner of the earth, zillion miles away from you. If you’re a couple for sometime now, there are several techniques to approach marriage like two adults. On the same note, keep your clairvoyant skills to yourself and prevent reliving the past and ex-es while with him. Once or twice is okay to see his reaction perhaps or gauge if he’d get jealous. More than that is a big NO.
9.       Don’t be a Tupperware. Don’t be plastic. Show him the real you. If you’re pleased, be transparent. If you’re down and hurting, do not hesitate to confide in him. Hiding your real self would not be fair to you and to him. Be true. Honesty is the only way to go.
10.   Don’t run for the title of “the best martyr in the planet”. What happens to martyrs these days? They die. Sure, in a relationship, you have your own sacrifices to make but it always is and will be a two-way street. Do not always be the one to make the first move in times of a big fight. Do not be too eager to please. Respect yourself and have some pride.