Two Simple Family Activities on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just a few hours away and surely a lot of people are in a rush making sure that their plans for Valentine’s Day are perfect. However, contrary to the usual impression that this special day is for couples, everyone can celebrate Valentine’s Day and it is actually a day for everyone. It is, after all, a day to celebrate love.

If you are one of the many parents who find it difficult to do something for just you and your partner because of the children, then planning something for the whole family on this special day is a good idea. You can reserve your thoughts of do pheromones work for a little something just for you and your spouse after you’ve had fun with your kids with the activities below.

  • Candlelit dinner. Who says that you cannot have a candlelit dinner with your kids? If you have young ones who are still a challenge during dinner time, consider having this special dinner at home. You can set up a table in the backyard or garden, if you have one. Ask everyone to help out in preparing the dinner to make it a family effort as well. Of course, do not forget to light some candles. Use as many and as safely as you can. There is no reason why you cannot make use of women pheromones to set the mood for you and your husband even if you are having your Valentine’s dinner with the kids. The key is to have fun!


  • Movie night. A great activity for the family whether it is Valentine’s Day or not is to watch a movie! You can choose something for everyone and have a little excursion in the movie theaters or you can just pick out an old movie and have fun at home.