Three (3) Major Reasons Why People Use Pheromone Scents

Some of you might have heard of the word “pheromone”, some might have not. If you haven’t yet, reading Five (5) Things You Need to Know About Pheromones could give you a primer of what it is in general. If you do have an idea about it already, the next question is, would you consider using men or women pheromones products? The following reasons might help you decide.

  1. Romance and that “happily ever after”. Love makes the world go round. You feel it in your fingers, you feel it in your toes. And yet you’re always two steps behind. These are basically the three types who fall under this category.
  • Single, not technically committed because once the object of affection knew about your feelings, the relationship is off. You finally found someone that knocks you off your feet. The problem is, he/she doesn’t realize you exist. How do you change that and catch his/her interest? As he/she gets to know you, how do you trigger that romantic feeling and have you both end up saying “I do”?
  • Single, the auction is on. You got the looks, maybe. You got the personality, perhaps. But no one is bidding for your attention. What in the world is wrong with you? How do you dramatically improve your appeal to get more dates? Do pheromones really work?
  • In a relationship or married but it’s kind of complicated. Guess what, you’re finally with the one that makes you feel complete. Screech, halt. Trouble in paradise! How do you spice it up and make love sweeter the second, third and fourth time around? How do you elevate the intimacy excitement? 
  1. Confidence. Be a man or woman of the world. Sophisticated. Experienced. A person who exudes incredible confidence. How do you increase that level of poise and coolness? How do you make people take a second look at your seductive and desirable self without lifting a finger?
  1. Career. There are millions of you in the corporate world. You’re a plain Jane or John. Sure you have the brains but you probably don’t have the charismatic looks to dominate a higher position. How do you stand out and get people to become aware of you? How do you gain that extra competitive edge and show that you have what it takes?