Reasons To Try Speed Dating

Speed dating, which is a dating scheme that was developed several years ago, is growing in popularity among both males and females. This is actually a small event where an equal number of males and females go on a ‘date’ with each other all in just an hour or two. This means that as a participant, you get to spend as little as three minutes and as much as five minute with each of the other participants.

Although most people would not be so brave to try speed dating, it has some benefits and advantages which could encourage you to try it. Below are some of these benefits.

  • Short and quick. How many times have you ever been stuck on a date that just won’t end fast enough? With speed dating, you get to interact with a person of the opposite sex without the demands and expectations of a first date. You do not have to endure hours with someone you do not enjoy talking to or do not have anything in common with.


  • Casual and comfortable. Most speed dating events are organized such that they are very casual and comfortable. Although human pheromones will still be inevitably at work, the atmosphere is usually very friendly and fun.


  • Meet a variety of people. A speed dating event is possibly one of the very few times when you will be able to meet as many different people in very little time. Even if you do not find anyone you might want to go on a personal one-on-one date, you will at least meet a lot of people and have fun. You might even find yourself not wondering do pheromones work because you might meet some new friends instead of romantic potentials.


  • Affordable. Speed dating events are usually very affordable especially if you compare the costs of going out on a real date with someone. The fees would often include participation to the event, food, and drinks.


  • Some people do not like dating simply because they are not good at dealing with people they do not know well. A speed dating event is great practice for those who want to develop their people skills. Since each ‘date’ will last only a few minutes, you will get the hang of trying to make conversations with strangers. You might also pick up some good techniques on how to converse better with other people.