Tips For Men: Four (4) Great Ways To Meet Women

Are you having a hard time finding a date? Increase your chances of meeting amazing women. Apply these simple techniques that guarantee 100% success.

1.       Start with yourself. Every change you want to see in your life should always come from within.

  • Develop an attitude that you are in control of your destiny and that in every decisions that you make, it is towards reaching a certain goal. This would give you confidence and focus which are both important not only to your lovelife but to your entire well-being as well.
  • Improve your appearance. Groom yourself, sport a new haircut, clean and trim your nails. Wear scents that increases pheromones. Search for clothes that are tailor-fit just for you.
  • Work on your personality. Too serious? Lighten up a bit. Too stiff? Relax. Not a talker? Try opening up a conversation for a change. Acquire traits that are irresistible to the ladies.

2.       Get outside and be aware of what’s happening around you. Once you’re done with the basics, it’s time to put them to a test. Perform your daily activities like you used to. The only difference is, make them as often as you could and be extra observant of your surroundings. If you visit the groceries once a week, try twice. Time it when most girls are out taking their grocery shopping too. If you drive your way to work everyday, consider commuting one or two times. Public transportation is one of the best places to meet people from all walks of life so do not let the opportunity pass you by. When you’re out checking for your favorite book, be mindful of the person who’s browsing near your aisle. For all you know, she’s the one you’re looking for.

3.       Take on new interests. Getting involved in several hobbies is a great method to get your human pheromones working. Head over to the sports gym near your area. Study their body-building program and think about becoming a member. Not only would you see a lot of females there, you get to build six-pack abs too.

4.       Modify your lifestyle. If your routine usually involves office and house, change that instantly. Join your colleagues if they have a Friday night-out. If a friend invites you to go clubbing, do not hesitate. If your sister is attending a wedding, be her escort. Socialize more and never let down an invite.


Reading Your Date’s Body Language: Top Ten (10) Signs She’s Into You

If you’re a guy and you like your date very much, it would show in the way you move and talk. But how would you know if she feels the same? Here are top ten (10) signs that she’s into you as well.

  1. 1.      Short sideway glances.

Additional Signs: takes a number of brief glimpses along your side; have that dreamy five-second gazes, then would look away and glances right back

What it means: she finds you appealing


  1. 2.      Self-grooming gestures.

Additional Signs: smoothes hair or clothes, crosses or uncrosses her legs

What it means: she wants you to concentrate or remain focused on her


  1. 3.      Licks lips.

Additional Sign: flutters her eyelashes

What it means: coy romantic invitation or look at her best assets


  1. 4.      Reveals neck.

Additional Signs: exposes and rubs her wrist. Perhaps, you’ll even get a whiff of her pheromone cologne.

What it means: willing to listen what you have to say


  1. 5.      Takes more sips on wine.

Additional Sign: any clues that show nervous excitement

What it means: you excite her, in a good sense, that her women pheromones are on red alert


  1. 6.      Sits forward.

Additional Signs: raises eyebrows or gasps when you reach the climax of your story

What it means: the manner in which you connect with her thrills her


  1. 7.      Smiles widely.

Additional Sign: you can see the top and bottom of her teeth

What it means: you have the ability to please her


  1. 8.      Laughs a lot.

Additional Signs: giggles even if there’s nothing particularly funny or laughs a lil bit on the flirty side

What it means: she’s encouraging you to continue whatever you are doing2

  1. 9.      You have her full attention.

Additional Signs: ignores everything but you – a ringing phone or a good looking guy across the other table trying to catch her interest

What it means: you’re on the right track, you’re doing it right.


  1. 10.  Calls you by a nickname.

Additional Sign: calls you by your complete first name

What it means: she doesn’t want to be another one of your mate and she looks forward to something more intimate

Dating 101: Things to Remember Before Going On A Date

This three-part series is about Dating 101. It aims to share the DOs and DONTs before, during and after a date. On the first series, let’s tackle the five (5) basic items to remember before going to the date proper.

  1. Research, research!
  • For men. Do a research on your lady before asking her out. What type of food does she like? What activities would interest her? From here, you can plan on where to treat her best.
  • For women. Check the guy out first. Don’t be so hasty in turning down the invitation. You never know, he might be the one!
  1. Plan and visualize the date before it happens.
  • For men. Once you have an idea of her likes and dislikes, start planning. Where will you treat her? Choose a romantic ambience where you both have a common ground. Do not be defined with the usual perception of “romance”. You can challenge her to a tennis match and still be romantic and sweet by inviting her favorite couple in the world. How long will the date be? Would it be a morning, noon, afternoon or evening rendezvous?  How do you keep the conversation going? Connection is the most essential aspect above all these so remember to think of ways to connect.
  • For women. Take it all in a stride. No high expectations. If he asks you to go to the movies with him, imagine beforehand the films where you’d get a glimpse of his character. Do not make abrupt judgment on the activity type he offers.
  1. Take a rest and be relaxed.
  • For men. Have a break for an hour or two prior to the ‘event’. If you would be coming from work, stay where you can de-stress. Coming to the date well-rested will do wonders to your overall aura.
  • For women. Indulge yourself to a quick trip to a beauty salon or spa. This will certainly relax all stressed muscles strained from the day’s work.
  1. Dress up!
  • For men. First impressions last. Catch her attention by dressing up wisely. A very small dab of masculine cologne can activate human pheromones. Let the pheromones advantage weave its magic. Wear a watch to show your personality. Trim your nails and have a haircut as you deem necessary.
  • For women. Select clothes that will highlight your greatest features. No too much skin though. Opt for comfortable yet stylish and flattering look. And of course, be sure to smell nice.
  1. Meeting arrangement.
  • For men. Do you pick her up at her house? If so, make sure to bring her favorite flowers or anything that will set the mood right. Do you meet at the dating place? Be ahead at least by five (5) minutes to give a good impact.
  • For women. If he’s coming to your place, be ready and prompt. Quickly scan your interiors to see if it projects who you are. If you’re going to meet elsewhere, time your arrival. Too early could mean you’re too excited. Too late could signify you’re not interested.

Tune in to the next post for the dating guide checklist while on a date.

Reasons To Try Speed Dating

Speed dating, which is a dating scheme that was developed several years ago, is growing in popularity among both males and females. This is actually a small event where an equal number of males and females go on a ‘date’ with each other all in just an hour or two. This means that as a participant, you get to spend as little as three minutes and as much as five minute with each of the other participants.

Although most people would not be so brave to try speed dating, it has some benefits and advantages which could encourage you to try it. Below are some of these benefits.

  • Short and quick. How many times have you ever been stuck on a date that just won’t end fast enough? With speed dating, you get to interact with a person of the opposite sex without the demands and expectations of a first date. You do not have to endure hours with someone you do not enjoy talking to or do not have anything in common with.


  • Casual and comfortable. Most speed dating events are organized such that they are very casual and comfortable. Although human pheromones will still be inevitably at work, the atmosphere is usually very friendly and fun.


  • Meet a variety of people. A speed dating event is possibly one of the very few times when you will be able to meet as many different people in very little time. Even if you do not find anyone you might want to go on a personal one-on-one date, you will at least meet a lot of people and have fun. You might even find yourself not wondering do pheromones work because you might meet some new friends instead of romantic potentials.


  • Affordable. Speed dating events are usually very affordable especially if you compare the costs of going out on a real date with someone. The fees would often include participation to the event, food, and drinks.


  • Some people do not like dating simply because they are not good at dealing with people they do not know well. A speed dating event is great practice for those who want to develop their people skills. Since each ‘date’ will last only a few minutes, you will get the hang of trying to make conversations with strangers. You might also pick up some good techniques on how to converse better with other people.