What You Need To Know Before Living Together

Every relationship goes through phases and develops naturally. From a casual date, a relationship can progress into a more serious and lasting relationship. Although for many couples, one of the biggest turning points in their relationships is getting married, there are a lot of couples who prefer to live together before tying the knot.

However, just like for those who are planning to get married, a lot of thought and consideration should go into a couple’s decision to live together. If you are one of those couples who are thinking of living together, below are some of the things that you need to know.

  • Budget concerns.  Living together with someone means sharing space and a lot of resources with another person. This translates to increased consumption and expenses. Who will shoulder the additional costs then? Will the expenses be shared equally? Although some expenses will increase because of increased consumption, it should not be a burden if you will share in the payment of the expenses.


  • Privacy.  Everyone needs some personal space. The problem is that boundary that defines your personal space often blurs when you’re living together with someone. If you are not ready for this kind of encroachment into your privacy and personal space, then you are probably not ready to live together. No amount of pheromones for men will make you ignore your partner’s habits and personal hygiene so make sure you are ready to face such things before moving in together.


  • Change in relationship. Living together will signal the start of a different level in your relationship. This level foregoes whatever front you may have put up while you were still just dating. Whatever advantage pheromones provided for you at the start will definitely taper off. Sex will not be as frequent as you would expect it to be especially because you will have a lot more time together and you will see each other in your most unsexy times.
  • Chores. Unless you have a maid, there will only be two people who will do the chores and you will have to talk about how to divide these between the two of you, preferably before you move in together.


  • Future plans. It is best to discuss your options and possible future plans before moving in together. Do you see this setup of living together as something that is temporary in preparation for the possibility of marriage? Or do you both see it as something that is permanent?

future plans